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STEM Projects – Engineers in the Making

After many Fridays working on projects…

PK, KG, and 1st graders did projects on animals. They researched different animals, added pictures, and described their projects in English and Arabic.

1st graders did a WONDERFUL job utilizing all categories and presenting a complete STEM project. They went to the library to check out books on their topics, did research on the internet, typed up their research, and inserted clip art and pictures with a little guidance from Str.Slape. THEN they created models and a powerpoint presentation! Great Job 1st Graders!

2nd graders studied various aspects of and types of boats. each student chose a material to work with and created a boat. Then they hypothesized on which boats would float and which ones would sink. They tried out different variables to test out the boats.

2nd graders' STEM projects were about boats made of different materials.

2nd graders’ STEM projects were about boats made of different materials.

3rd graders did their project based on the unit ‘Leif Catches the Wind’ by Engineering is Elementary (Boston, MA) They read the literature unit, learned about different locations, and created a windmill. It took a lot of wind to move this one though! It was a great day for it as the winds were a bit gusty on the day of the presentation.

STEM Project - 3rd Grade Class - Making a Windmill

STEM Project – 3rd Grade Class – Making a Windmill

4th/5th graders built an amazing and SUSTAINABLE bridge. It held many small cars, equal to the weight of three social studies books! They researched and learned about different types of bridges and presented as true engineers.

Testing out the bridge!
Testing out the bridge!



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